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Seriously your work is commendable. I just can't get enough of the "smooth as butter" animations. I plan to use this for one of my projects as it fits almost perfectly. 

Also by any chance do you make BGs for each character or BGS that stand on their own?

Thank you! 

I'm not much into backgrounds but might try that when I have the time. :D

It's really good! Can I get it for free ^^' .

The human mode is free. For the elemental, you can watch out for sales, as I mostly participate in them. I think you just missed the 70% off on Black Friday a few days ago. 😅

Hi me and my friends will make a game with your characters and we were wondering can we buy all of them cheaper as pocket

Hi. You can watch out for sales on itch, like summer sale, winter sale, etc. as I participate with them almost regularly with around 50% discount and cheap bundle prices. Or wait for the whole set to finish as I'll create a bundle price for the whole set once done, but that would take months/years though. Anyway, there's a Creator day sale in 10 days (Aug 25) so you can watch out for that. :)

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy them! :D

This serie is amazing. Thanks for making it. I only miss ladder up/down animations. Would it possible to add them? Thank you!

Thanks. Sorry, I don't plan to add that anytime soon. But there are platformer games that don't use ladders, like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Instead, they use elevator platforms. I think because it is easier to fight flying enemies while in an elevator platform rather than climbing a ladder.

I am in awe of your work!

I bought it right away and will be applying it to my game soon.

Thanks for always putting out great work.

Always be healthy.


Thank you, man! :D

will you be making more character

Yes, there will be 10 Elementals in total. But it might take months/year since aside from the busy schedule, these take awhile to make. I might make something faster though, as a different asset series or something.

wow, I was waiting for you to make a lightning elemental to put in my game, there's only one of that element missing

Lightning/electric is next after this. :)


Thanks! :)

These are so creative, and wonderfully animated!

Thanks! :D

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Oh my gosh, a new Elemental after so long!! I really love the fast paced animations. Gonna be fun to implement when it's time! Amazing work as usual :) Looking forward to the remaining ones. 

Thank you! :D