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love this set - do you have the FPS for each animation? THANK YOU

Does the bundle include the elemental form of these characters?



Thanks, man! :)

I made a game with him! Play it here and see a gameplay video on reddit!

Awesome! Keep it up, man! 👍

Hi, I recently published my game Mikene's Aspects, which uses you asset, check it out.


Nice! Awesome work! :D

Are these assets 16bit or 32bit?

Intentaré hacer algo divertido con esto :3

What is the difference between free and full?Whether the full version has higher picture resolution?

They have the same resolution. The full version has transform and Elemental animations, while the free version has only human animations. :)

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses your assets, check it out.

Awesome! :)

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Hello, I would like to let you know that people can download the gifs for free that you put under examples I recommend removing them, so you don't get cheated out of money they just right click on the animation and click install image

Thanks for the heads up! I'll remove the others and just retain the transform and idle to show some kind of a preview example, and the design of the elemental mode. :)

Nvm, I added watermarks now. Thanks again for the warning. :

I really liked the sprite, can I customize it and put it in my game? I will leave your name in the credits

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Sure thing, man. No problem. :)

Do you know if you're going to do a background or some objects acording the tone and pixels of this characters? I don't find any that matches. It would be great :)

Hi. No plans as of now. I'd like to focus on character design and animation first before I venture out into other fields. I think you have to make the background a bit less saturated so the character's colors would not get lost in it. That is the trick if there are no black outline in a sprite's artstyle. :)

These are amazing!

Thank you! :)

OMG how cool is this! do you think I could use it for my game? :,3 

Sure thing. :)

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im gonna use it in my open source metroidvania game and i will credit you 

:) thanks for wonderful art

name of game: arjin (means fire of life in kurdish language) :D

Thanks! I look forward to your game. :)

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Can we get a dash sprite for the next version? A single frame will be enough. We can use the flames from the turning back to human animation as the flame trails behind him when he's dashing.

I say he can hold his sword like this during the dash

main-qimg-8959e7846b9de7a7a1cb3202182c2df7-lq (279×246) (

Also if you ever wanna expand this guy, a ledge climb will be nice!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep that in mind in the next update. 

Anyway, I'll try to finish the other Elementals first before prioritizing updates. The monk was just updated because I felt that I really had to. :)

Would you be down to making it as a commission?

Sure thing. You can email me the details and your budget and maybe we can work something out. :) 

Anyway, the dash in the reference looks like the 3rd attack in elemental mode. You can also reuse it as a quick dash if you want.

how do i transform him in elemental mode beofre he die ?? IN 2D PLATORM GAME 

Do you mean death in elemental mode? You can use back2human then death animation...or maybe end the back2human animation after the flame burst to make him disappear into flames.

sorry for late reply and I am sorry if I couldn't explain myself properly, i meant that this character have 2 modes right how can i enable 2 mode like thr rage mode after dying in first mode. 

you dnt need to reply me if you dnt undestand me lol 

That's a tricky one as he falls down to the ground after death, and transform starts with him being up. Maybe use death, then start the transform from the fire tornado frame so it looks like he falls to the ground, fire tornado appears, and he turns to rage mode. The effects can also be separated in the aseprite file if you want the tornado effect only to play after falling down or something. :)


ayyy thanksss boss man, u r grtt 

been keeping track of this project, another great one as always

Thank you! :)

i can't wait to see how the rest of them are gonna turn out

Thanks! I'll try to make each Elemental unique, trying out different attack patterns and effects. :)

I bought the previous three works and the boss one at the original price, so I lost。。。I should have bought this bundle。。。

That's okay... and if it helps, I do want to thank you for supporting my work and helping the series move forward.

once again i can just say i love your work so much. its so fun to work with you art. i finally got the elemental modes now for the bundle price <3 pls keep continue the awesome work <3

oh btw those 6 black pixels in his face are meant to be a mustache right? XD

Thank you! :D Yeah, those are his well trimmed man-beard. hehe.

But everything changed when the fire knight attacked...

Hahaha :D

Holy shit!

Haha, Thanks!

Awesome !

Thank you! :)

This is superb! I miss ladder up/down animations in all your elementals warriors :(

Maybe you can add them? Thank you!

Hi. Maybe you can request a comission for that? Or just wait...I plan to first make all ten Elementals before adding or updating the animations.. :D

Finally. I'm definitely buying the bundle at the end of the month. Thanks for such a wonderful art

Great, thank you for the bundle idea! :D