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Can I use It? I'm Gonna Sell My Game 

Sure thing, man. Use it in any way you want. 😁👍

Thank uuuuuuu sooooo match



Es increíble el talento que tienen, gracias por compartir un poco de su arte

Thanks :)

I finally have an idea for this I could make one of those RPG type games where you walk forward and fight waves of enemies kind of like turned based, if that's ok with you?

Sure thing. Some of these have been used in vampire survivor-like games, and in turn based rpgs.

Oh thanks, I'm thinking about using Luizmelo's sprites for enemies!

I wish this had a tile set because it seems like it's for platformer but i don't know a fitting tileset for it.

I don't do tilesets for now, but you can pretty much use any platformer tilesets for this. Also, make sure the background is a bit unsaturated so the chracter pops out even without a black outline. :)

It's just a masterpiece, really, there's no other way to call it. Such content deserves praise, I would like to know if a new elemental will be released soon? I can't wait to see a new masterpiece from you!

Thanks! The next Elemental, Crystal is still in the works and will be released before this year ends. The next 3 after that, Electric, Light and Shadow will be my long term projects next year. :)

Happy 2023... :)

Yeah, my itch projects are on hold for the mean time due to a flood of commissions. I have to do them first to pay off my bills, so sorry about this delay.

Lol it's ok I was just joking  I didn't expect you to see it.


So amazed at your expressive animation talent! I needed a death animation for the main character in our Vampire Survivors-like game called Deadly Harvest. I found this sprite and traced/recolored the death animation to match our player sprite and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Very very cool work, thank you!

Thanks! I also study other people's animation, especially in old fighting games, to get inspiration. :)

This whole series looks super clean! These rock!

Thanks, man! :D

This is amazing, very nice ideas for the animations.

Thank you, Octavian! :D

I've been keeping track of the elementals you've been putting out and I can't wait to see what else you put out. I'm really interested to see what you do with that shadow element.

Thanks! Hopefully I can finish the series this year. :D

This looks great!

Thanks! :D


wow, great art! The animations are soo clean! I'm wondering what the remaining elementals are. Especially the purple one in the logo. I hope that there'll be a king-like evil character, I need that one for my game xD


Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the logo. The purple one is shadow. :D 

The last three are electric, light and shadow. The next one is supposed to be ice, but I used ice effects in the water elemental so that part is up for debate for now. Too late to change the logo though. :)

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haha, you can maybe make the ice (or water) another bluish element like crystal or something.

Cool idea! I might post a poll on that topic on Patreon. :D

Another awesome addition to the series!


Thank you! :)

awesome! keep it up!

Thanks, man. :D


As promised by mail, I will buy this for 30 dollars

Thank you for the great work!

Wow, thank you so much for the tip! :D

cool stuff

Thanks! :D

Wooow, I'm not trying to hype you or exaggerate, but Cherit you are the best pixel artist I have ever seen. Bought the 4 initial elementals already. Still saving up to purchase metal and this leaf. If I may ask, I know it's to early, is it possible to have a discount or a bundle for the metal and leaf elementals?

Thank you! You can technically get everything for just $5 (all Elementals and Boss Monster, etc.) by becoming a patron. You can then search out posts tagged with patreon access links. But I suggest sticking out for a few months or so to get the live updates as well. :D

God damn cherit, this might be the sickest one among all the Elementalists yet. Amazing work, I was baffled at how good some of the animations looked! And I'm glad you're not making all the Elementalists melee characters, this will add a nice variety to them.

Thank you, I try my best to improve my work along the way, so later Elementals will have better design and animations. :D