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It's just a masterpiece, really, there's no other way to call it. Such content deserves praise, I would like to know if a new elemental will be released soon? I can't wait to see a new masterpiece from you!

Thanks! The next Elemental, Crystal is still in the works and will be released before this year ends. The next 3 after that, Electric, Light and Shadow will be my long term projects next year. :)

So amazed at your expressive animation talent! I needed a death animation for the main character in our Vampire Survivors-like game called Deadly Harvest. I found this sprite and traced/recolored the death animation to match our player sprite and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Very very cool work, thank you!

Thanks! I also study other people's animation, especially in old fighting games, to get inspiration. :)

This whole series looks super clean! These rock!

Thanks, man! :D

This is amazing, very nice ideas for the animations.

Thank you, Octavian! :D

I've been keeping track of the elementals you've been putting out and I can't wait to see what else you put out. I'm really interested to see what you do with that shadow element.

Thanks! Hopefully I can finish the series this year. :D

This looks great!

Thanks! :D


wow, great art! The animations are soo clean! I'm wondering what the remaining elementals are. Especially the purple one in the logo. I hope that there'll be a king-like evil character, I need that one for my game xD


Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the logo. The purple one is shadow. :D 

The last three are electric, light and shadow. The next one is supposed to be ice, but I used ice effects in the water elemental so that part is up for debate for now. Too late to change the logo though. :)

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haha, you can maybe make the ice (or water) another bluish element like crystal or something.

Cool idea! I might post a poll on that topic on Patreon. :D

Another awesome addition to the series!


Thank you! :)

awesome! keep it up!

Thanks, man. :D


As promised by mail, I will buy this for 30 dollars

Thank you for the great work!

Wow, thank you so much for the tip! :D

cool stuff

Thanks! :D

Wooow, I'm not trying to hype you or exaggerate, but Cherit you are the best pixel artist I have ever seen. Bought the 4 initial elementals already. Still saving up to purchase metal and this leaf. If I may ask, I know it's to early, is it possible to have a discount or a bundle for the metal and leaf elementals?

Thank you! You can technically get everything for just $5 (all Elementals and Boss Monster, etc.) by becoming a patron. You can then search out posts tagged with patreon access links. But I suggest sticking out for a few months or so to get the live updates as well. :D

God damn cherit, this might be the sickest one among all the Elementalists yet. Amazing work, I was baffled at how good some of the animations looked! And I'm glad you're not making all the Elementalists melee characters, this will add a nice variety to them.

Thank you, I try my best to improve my work along the way, so later Elementals will have better design and animations. :D