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This is just AWESOME! I'm an underrated(seriously underrated) scratcher with the same username which is sogs663 and I just can't believe how you made this!

If possible, Can you add another type of "take_hit" in the free version?

Thanks, man! Yeah, some animations are a bit outdated, since some are made about a year or two ago, and I've grown a lot since then. I'll update some animations here and there when I have the extra time, but not now, since I'm too busy lately. :)

It's Ok I can manage for now.

Can you draw eyes for him? Haha

It is possible but sorry, no, I won't do it. I have to try to retain the art style for the whole series, as much as I can. Adding eyes here would mean adding eyes for the entire set. 😅

 But you can edit it yourself though, eyes would just be 4 pixels. I'm on the phone so I can't provide an example of how she would look like, but it might be better suited for your game. :)


Thanks! :)

i wonder, do you make tilesets and maps too? :D

Hi. I don't do tilesets for now. I'd like to focus on character design and animation first before I venture out to other fields of pixel art. :D

Você faz personagens exclusivo?

Qual é o valor?

The price depends on the character sprite size, animations, etc. 

For commission details, drop me an email at :)

Hello Chierit, I know u said once you are done with the 10 element there will be a bundle price for all. But I plan to buy the already available 3 elements now. Is it possible to have a bundle price for the 3 now and then u keep updating the price as you add more elements. Thanks. You have such a wonderful art 

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I was thinking that this seems to be quite a long term project, and it might take awhile to finish all ten before making a I plan to make a bundle and sale after the release of the first 4 elementals (the primary elements: ground, wind, water and fire). Fire will be released soon, hopefully before October, and I'll make a bundle and sale at that time to celebrate the primary elementals' successful releases. :)

I appreciate your replay. I will wait till then. Thanks

omg im so hyped :D

accept there

Could you make elemental form death animation, please?

Hi, there is no death animation for elemental form but you can use back2human animation, then play the human death animation... it was designed that way so it can be used for a timer based transformation, like transform for 2 min, or until your mana runs out and you turn back to human again, etc. :)

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I feel elemental form hurt->b2human->death is too many steps and bit awkward.(I think idle pose? in b2human) no offense, I'm very satisfied with this asset. I can use hurt and something like color change etc for elemental form death. Thank you for making this cool assets and available for sale. 

Como posso entrar em contato com voce para nos fecharmos um trabalho?        

Como posso entrar em contato com você para fechar um trabalho?

You can contact me through my email, or my discord: chierit#3881

accept there

mine is B1NHO#7214


Are you planning to make a pack with all your character assets? I'd love to get my hands on all of them, really well done.

Thank you. Yes, when I finish all ten. It might take awhile though. But I do plan to have sales/bundles from time to time if you want the discount. :D

EPIC! Cant wait for FIRE!

Thank you! Fire will definitely be next in line to conclude the first 4 primary elements. :D

I am super exctied to see what more you will come up with! 

omg omg omg omg omg <3 i love it i waited and waited and i was checking itch every day the last months. i swear thats the best asset series ever i love it so much <3 im so happy that you kept your promise to release it this month <3 im looking forward for the future characters :D 

(also thanks that you changed the wind characters thumbnail. tbh it fucked me up that the character was in the middle of the thumbnail instead of the side. i dont know why but it fucked me up xD)

Thanks, the thumbnail did disturb me too. haha. :D

Anyway, I did mention in the email that ice was a different element, but I decided to mix it with water, since they're quite similar, making room for another element, that I haven't really decided yet. We'll just see in the future. XD

Please publish to (assetstore. Unity. Com) everyone is so perfect, but I can't buy it on itch

Hi. Publishing to unity might require some time, because of their guidelines, etc, so I suggest, maybe you can pay me directly to my paypal: and I can email you the specific asset that you need, if you can't buy on itch. :)

 can  you publish other one(anything goes)in unityassetstores? (total amount is every sprite) so that I can pay. last send me the sprite by email

There's nothing better than getting an email notification of you uploading new assets.

Great stuff! I am still working on the game, and aiming to release a demo soon 😃

Thanks Octavian! Looking forward to your game as well. :D

This is so good it's inspiring!

Thank you :)


Wow. This is awesome! I can tell you're improving. I may just invest in your assets for an upcoming game.


Wow. Thank you. :D