Lively NPCs: Medieval v2.0

Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time since I updated this game asset, but here it is, Lively NPCs medieval 2.0. The most obvious change is the added 15 more characters that include: (from left to right, top to down)

Captain (4 frames), Priestess (5 frames), Farmer_01 (5 frames), Guard (4 frames), Farmer_02 (5 frames), Elder (4 frames). Princess (4 frames), Dog (4 frames), Stranger (4 frames), Fairy (4 frames), Mermaid (4 frames), Dwarf (4 frames), Adventurer_03 (4 frames), Adventurer_04 (4 frames), and Adventurer_05 (4 frames).

And if you haven't heard yet, I recently started a Patreon page, where I post weekly updates, advance releases, and you can also download all my assets for free. :D

Have fun! :)


Lively NPCs - 1 MB
Apr 11, 2022

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Amazing! Thank you for your work

No problem, Thanks! :D

Great job Cherit. Awesome as always

Thank you! :)

Great job!

Thanks! And thank you for your patience. :D