Boss: Frost Guardian

Animations: idle*(6fr), walk*(10fr),  1_atk*(14fr), 2_atk(11fr), 3_atk(16fr), take_hit*(7fr), stagger(6fr), death*(16fr), intro/revive(20fr)

Ice Effects: frozen(1fr), frozen_shine(5fr), frozen_crack_1(6fr), frozen_crack_2(6fr), frozen_destroyed(15fr), ground_projectile(3fr), ground_projectile_blast(7fr)

*included in FREE version

Play the demo game (desktop) that I made in Godot to see all the animations in action! :D

This is my score, btw, :D (v1.1)

License CC-BY 4.0 - can be edited to fit your game (aseprite file included), can also be used commercially, only credit "chierit" in your game's credits or add a link somewhere to my itch page. Please don't resell.

Special shoutout to:


Have fun! :)


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Где я могу купить анимации атаки для этого спрайта?

Thanks to your great assets, my first game was able to be completed. I've credited your name in the credits. The amount of support may be small, but it's my heartfelt gratitude. Please also come take a look at my game.


Wow, what a cute platformer! Awesome job, man!

I used this sprite on a game I was making. Awesome work and looks dude!

Thanks, bro! :)

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I got infinity frozen the moment the boss spawned 🤣
Died right afterwards, tho it's pretty fun lol!

The trick is to time your rolls to avoid his attacks, and attack between his attack intervals. An easier trick is to use defend instead of rolling. :)

wow you used godot engine i use it too

Great boss!! Just died to it :)

hi, this tileset was also made by you?

yeah. That's just one 32x32 tile though. 😅

I just realized that a good character came out
I want more of your work.
Hurry up and work! :D

Thanks! I'll be adding more characters in the coming months. :D

I love the boss!! Amazing


Thanks! :D

Excelent animations, i love it, btw my score lol !

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow! The best score I've seen even after a lot of testing. Awesome job, man!


Thank you!

Awesome. Keep up with the good work

Thanks oluwa! :)