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would you have another elemental

Yes, this series will continue until the 10 elementals are completed. But at a much slower pace I'm afraid, since I'm prioritizing commissions at the moment to pay off some bills. Patreon have been removed so you don't have to pay anything while waiting... Check out this page once in a few months and I might release one or two this year. :D

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Hello! Could i borrow some of your "Elementals" characters for a project?

Sure thing, man. Feel free to use them on any project. :)

Thanks! I appreciate it

hi, i hope you can make the monk body and the spell effects of the sp_attack in two layers, that must be cool.

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Yeah, that was a noob mistake. I used to work on just one layer about a year ago. Lol. Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I just updated the aseprite file and separated the effect in a different layer. :)

wow, you are a great man.

These are super cool! I wish you to have a glorious future my friend!


Wow, thank you for your kind words! :D

How can i work with you? Do you open commission?


You can reach me at or discord, chierit#3881 for commission details. But I am a bit busy with other projects/commissions at the moment so it depends on your project if I can fit it in schedule. :)

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Is it possible to have access to individual sprites with their names rather than a sprite sheet? It would make animating them much easier. Great work by the way!


Hi, I'll add it a bit later this week or next week. Been very busy lately. :P

For the meantime, both Water and Fire Elementals have separated png files, only the Ground and Wind have only sprite sheets because I didn't know the convenience of individual sprites at the time of their release.

Alright, thanks a lot!

It's perfect

Please continue to develop new roles

Thank you! I do plan to make 10 Elementals. :)

Do you have a timeframe when the full set of elementals is finished? Ive followed you to keep tabs. Also will you be making a larger assest pack once the set is complete?

I don't really have a timeframe as I juggle my time between incoming commissions. :) For the next asset pack after this, I haven't really thought of that yet.

Okay fair enough, Im following anyway to keep track of your work. Im really cool, love the elemental transformations

This looks really cool, can i use it for my mobile game

Sure, no problem. :)

thank you so much

dear chierit

Because doesn't support my credit card and PayPal account, I can't pay for your opus. Do you have any idea to publish your works to assetstore.unity? Thank you very much if you can



Thanks for the suggestion, but I have no plans as of now. Unity is a bit strict with their guidelines, like sprites should be in prefabs with labeled animations, effects should be particles or something, etc. But maybe I'll give it a try sometime in the future? I don't know yet.


Thank you :)

omg, its so amazing !!!

Thanks! :D

I hope you can paint more works in this style, it is great and worth buying

I just have to leave a comment, because this is so cool!


Great work! I love it!

Thanks! :)

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Awesome art, so amazing :) 
Are you available for paid commissions? I want to make a platformer game and your stile suits my design concept.

Thanks! Drop me an email on the details and maybe I can do something,  depending on my free time. :)


I am starting up an indie studio and working on the planning stages of a game. I am wanting to hire an up and coming artist to help with asset creation and love your work.

Would you be interested in some paid jobs? Maybe even paying you to finish the other 9 characters?

Thanks again and hopefully we can work something out!

Warmest Regards,


Thanks! Do drop me an email and maybe we can work something out? :)

Hi Chierit. I LOVE your stuff! Been wanting to get in contact with you. Can I email you about a potential project for a music video? Cant find any contact details on here. Hope Im not breaking any rules by contacting you in this way but couldnt find you elsewhere on the web.

I wont put my email address in to here (not sure of the rules) but please reply to this if you want to talk further :)

Either way best of luck


Wow,  thanks. I'm kind of new to this but do drop me an email on ..I also just linked this profile to a twitter account.

hello im a programmer, do you want make a game?

hi. Feel free to use my assets in your game. Thanks. :)

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Thanks! I tried it in godot and it is a hassle to flip and move the image.. so as of now, I included a centered version. It has a slightly bigger file size but it's easier to flip. I also added the .ase file in case anybody else is interested in editing it.

I'll keep my future characters centered from now on, thanks for that info. :)

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 I dont like running and idle animation, but other animations were very nice

Thanks for the feedback! :) earthbender

Thanks! Avatar is indeed one of its inspiration. :)


There is a real lack of assets that provide enough attack options and spectacle that they can be used as legit boss encounters.  This is probably the best one I've seen. 

Can I encourage you to make more along these lines?

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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :)

I do plan to make 9 more of these, one for each element. Hopefully release one in a month or 2 months.


Thanks :)