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love it!

Glad you liked it! :)

Amazing job on all your sprites! I liked this one so much that I decided to start an elemental based fighting game starting with the bladekeeper. Thank you so much for your work! 

Thanks! Glad to help out. 😃

Absolutely stunning work! Very grateful for you making these :) Can't wait to see your future characters.

This sprite is really good.  I'm currently making a small game with it.

Looking good! Keep it up, man. I like the area design. The tilesets and background fit just right for the character as well. :D

Como puedo lograr la animación de la trampa?

The trap animations are in a separate folder "projectile and trap" in the png files, and you can use it like a projectile, or set it to go off when the enemy steps on it, or after a few seconds, etc. You can use it as a different object from the main character, so the animation is separated.

You're the god of art.
I'm spending all your resources on my game.
But I long for it more.
How many more resources will you create?

Wow, thanks! I plan to create 10 Elementals, hopefully release 3 this year, and some other stuff like monsters, NPCs or something, depending on my free time. :D

release 5 this year please T_T

Nice work, I’m so hyped ! I’m going to make a game with your assets soon ! :D


Thank you! :D

this is awesome , I wish I had you in my team =))

Thanks! :D

amazing job with all of these! will there be a bundle sale when all 10 are released?


Thanks! Yes, I made a bundle sale for a month when the first 4 (i call them Primary elementals) was completed. I will make again after the next 4 (i call them Secondary Elementals) will be complete, and after all 10 are completed. (the last 2, Light and Dark, will be the Cosmic Elementals). It might take awhile though because of the busy schedule and these things actually take a lot of time to make. But I do plan to create at least 3 Elementals this year. :)

Nice, 5 stars.

Thanks! :D

wow... your best one (as to me, of course) just amazing and inspiring ! 

Thank you! :)

Those transformations are why I buy your work. :)

Wow, thank you! I try to make each transformation unique to each Elemental. :D

This is amazing!

Thanks! :)


Amazing work as always! Can't wait to implement her to my game.

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Thank you! :D

Wow, finally a new asset by you lol. Great work as always

Yeah. I've been busy with different commissions lately, but I work on my itch projects on my spare time. :)

Awesome. Keep it up

Thanks! :)

Awesome assets, as always. Well done 🤘🏻⚔️

Thank you! :)