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amazing. thank you a lot. your asset is so awesome

Thanks! :D

do you plan to include the lightning character by any chance? I look forward to using your assets in my project

Yes, but it may take awhile though due to a busy schedule. Check back in a few months. 😅

i have a question wouldyou have another elemental or not

Hi there, I used your char on my runner game

Nice! :)

Hello. im working on a f2p fighter game using your characters. each character has different stats and abilities. two question I would like to ask is when will you add the characters. I would love for them to be added into my game. secondly how would I purchase the extra animations. 

thank u.

Hi. I have no specific timeline yet, but the next elemental will probably be released somewhere before/early October. It really depends on my time between current commissions. 

For the added animations, you can commission them if you like, you can email me at for comission inquiries. Or you could wait for awhile ..i might add a few animations here and there once I finish all of them. :)

Hey man! I just started a game like Trine (a plataform game where you change between characters to overcome different situations) using the 3 elemental warriors you've made. I was wondering if there would be any problem if I upload it here at itchio once it is finished (it will be f2p, so I'll just earn money in case the comunity wants to support me). Also, in case that I decided to monetize the game, would there be any issue? After all, even though I payed for the charactrers, they are still yours, so I don't know how that works...
Thanks man, and again, love your work, keep it up! ^^

Hi. Thanks for using the game asset. There would be no problem as the license for all my assets are CC-BY 4.0... It means you can use it personally or commercially, even edit it to fit your game. It just need credits, but even that, I'm not very strict with it. I would actually be very happy to see these guys given life in games. :D

Oh great then! Of course, you will be mentioned in the credits of the game, you made te characters after all xD. Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing more of your awesome art around here! 💪

I would like to inform you about my personal projects that includes this art of yours.

Here is the link of the project,  feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

Thank you!

Nice. It would be better, I think, if you could control a character, or maybe, a betting system where you bet gold on who wins each round.. :D

I'll follow you and comment here. So I'll be updated when you finished this.


Thanks :)

When is the next work coming out?

Hi. No exact date yet but I am currently working on the next elemental. Hopefully I can publish before the month ends. :)

Can I use this commercially ?


Yes, you can. :D

I love it! But could you maybe do it without the gray?

Thanks. :) You mean the gray background? It is transparent (turned off) in the spritesheet...The  background is only in the sample gifs.

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I love your work man, I can just kiss you!

I will be waiting for the next ones. For real tho, your works are awesome, and you deserve a good game and I'll make you one, one day I hope

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Wow! Thanks :)

first of all your 2 elementals characters so far are super beautiful! im so hyped for the 8 others!

im planing on doing a 1v1 combat game like street fighters or smth. i think this could be cool with these characters (even if i dont know yet how i could use the multiple blink attack in a 1v1 game)

I wanted to ask if there will be a discount in the form of a bundle with all 10 characters with their elemental form?


Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

A combat game would be awesome!

And yes,  there will be a bundle once I finish all ten,  it might take awhile though as I'm also doing commissions with my time. :D

Thank you very much! It would be perfect if you could make ladder up and down movements. I always miss this movement. Maybe in paid pack? Thank you

I'll see what I can do. Maybe in a future update? Thanks for the heads up.

By the way,  I won't be updating this anytime soon because I plan to finish all 10 characters first before updating or adding animations to existing characters. Thank you for your patience. :)

Awesome pack!

Thanks Octavian! :D

Oh man this is a really good one! Cant wait for Fire Elemental!

Thanks! Water is up next,  then fire. Stay tune for that... :)