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In a world where brave warriors harness the power of the elements, 10 masters known as the Elementals fight to save their world.

Part 2 of a planned 10 part series

Elementals: Wind Hashashin

12 animations (FREE):

01_idle (8 frames)

02_run (8 frames)

03_jump_up (3 frames)

04_jump_down (3 frames)

05_roll (6 frames)

06_1_atk (8 frames)

07_2_atk (18 frames)

08_3_atk (26 frames)

09_sp_atk (30 frames) *for ranged attack, you can program the character to save positon during intro animation, change position to target enemy position during the 3 hits, then go back to your saved position before doing the exit animation* :)

10_defend (8 frames)

11_take_hit (6 frames)

12_death (19 frames)

For only $5, you will have access to 12 additional animations in Elemental Mode. These include:

transform (25 frames)

e_idle (8 frames)

e_float_fwd (6 frames)

e_fly_up  (4 frames)

e_fall (4 frames)

e_1_atk (8 frames)

e_2_atk (13 frames)

e_3_atk (19 frames)

e_sp_atk (22 frames)

e_dodge (8 frames)

e_take_hit (6 frames)

back2human (9 frames)

Here are some samples of Elemental Mode:

Elementals series so far:

Ground Monk

Wind Hashashin

Water Priestess

Fire Knight

License CC-BY 4.0 - can be edited to fit your game (aseprite file included), can also be used commercially, only credit "chierit" in your game's credits or add a link somewhere to my itch page. Please don't resell.

Have fun! :)


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $12.50 USD
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Hello. im working on a f2p fighter game using your characters. each character has different stats and abilities. two question I would like to ask is when will you add the characters. I would love for them to be added into my game. secondly how would I purchase the extra animations. 

thank u.

Hi. I have no specific timeline yet, but the next elemental will probably be released somewhere before/early October. It really depends on my time between current commissions. 

For the added animations, you can commission them if you like, you can email me at chierit.art@gmail.com for comission inquiries. Or you could wait for awhile ..i might add a few animations here and there once I finish all of them. :)

Hey man! I just started a game like Trine (a plataform game where you change between characters to overcome different situations) using the 3 elemental warriors you've made. I was wondering if there would be any problem if I upload it here at itchio once it is finished (it will be f2p, so I'll just earn money in case the comunity wants to support me). Also, in case that I decided to monetize the game, would there be any issue? After all, even though I payed for the charactrers, they are still yours, so I don't know how that works...
Thanks man, and again, love your work, keep it up! ^^

Hi. Thanks for using the game asset. There would be no problem as the license for all my assets are CC-BY 4.0... It means you can use it personally or commercially, even edit it to fit your game. It just need credits, but even that, I'm not very strict with it. I would actually be very happy to see these guys given life in games. :D

Oh great then! Of course, you will be mentioned in the credits of the game, you made te characters after all xD. Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing more of your awesome art around here! 💪

I would like to inform you about my personal projects that includes this art of yours.

Here is the link of the project https://vlla.itch.io/itchio-fighters-battle-royal,  feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

Thank you!

Nice. It would be better, I think, if you could control a character, or maybe, a betting system where you bet gold on who wins each round.. :D

I'll follow you and comment here. So I'll be updated when you finished this.


Thanks :)

When is the next work coming out?

Hi. No exact date yet but I am currently working on the next elemental. Hopefully I can publish before the month ends. :)

Can I use this commercially ?


Yes, you can. :D

I love it! But could you maybe do it without the gray?

Thanks. :) You mean the gray background? It is transparent (turned off) in the spritesheet...The  background is only in the sample gifs.

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I love your work man, I can just kiss you wow!!

(1 edit)

Now I will be waiting for the next ones. For real tho your works are perfect, and you deserve an awesome game and I'll make you one, one day

Wow! Thanks :)

first of all your 2 elementals characters so far are super beautiful! im so hyped for the 8 others!

im planing on doing a 1v1 combat game like street fighters or smth. i think this could be cool with these characters (even if i dont know yet how i could use the multiple blink attack in a 1v1 game)

I wanted to ask if there will be a discount in the form of a bundle with all 10 characters with their elemental form?


Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

A combat game would be awesome!

And yes,  there will be a bundle once I finish all ten,  it might take awhile though as I'm also doing commissions with my time. :D

Thank you very much! It would be perfect if you could make ladder up and down movements. I always miss this movement. Maybe in paid pack? Thank you

I'll see what I can do. Maybe in a future update? Thanks for the heads up.

By the way,  I won't be updating this anytime soon because I plan to finish all 10 characters first before updating or adding animations to existing characters. Thank you for your patience. :)

Awesome pack!

Thanks Octavian! :D

Oh man this is a really good one! Cant wait for Fire Elemental!

Thanks! Water is up next,  then fire. Stay tune for that... :)