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Can I not see your work again?
I'm asking because your work doesn't come up any more

Happy New Year.

Always making bangers, man once i'm able to support you and alot of others I will!

Your work always surprises me

Thank you very much

Thanks, man. :D

I need a wolf or werewolf that is hiding or disguised as an old lady.  Can you do this? Commission?

Sure, that would be quite a challenge. You can contact me through my email ( or discord (chierit#3881) with specific project details and your offer and we'll start discussing from there. :)

Awesome. Give me a week to assess if I wll need this art asset or another one - e.g. Medusa sprite animated.  I will email you within the timeframe. Cheers! M

This looks great.  I hope you can continue to make more monsters.

Next month's character is another monster, btw. :P

awwwwwweeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeee <3 love your work <3

Thanks Marc! :)


Thank you! :D

Great work ! -Jordan Williams

Thanks! :)