Along the ruins of a forgotten kingdom, a harmless slime is minding its own business. It usually tends to itself, does not attack, and just bounces away from danger whenever possible.

One day, a group of greedy adventurers appeared, looting the ruins of its ancient treasures, wreaking havoc along the way, killing anything that moves for that sweet sweet experience points to level up.

Little did they know that this innocent looking slime is formed from the drop of blood of an archaic demon prince that walked these halls during the first age, and killing it would unleash a terrible nightmare...

-Special thanks to Ferch for the demo game. :)

Boss: Demon Slime

12 animations (5 animations in FREE version):

  • idle (6 frames) 

  • move (8 frames)

  • take_hit (6 frames)

  • transform (32 frames)

  • demon_idle (6 frames) (included in FREE version)

  • demon_walk (12 frames) (included in FREE version)

  • demon_cleave (15 frames) (included in FREE version)

  • demon_smash (18 frames)

  • demon_fire_breath (21 frames)

  • demon_cast_spell (6 frames)*

  • demon_take_hit (5 frames) (included in FREE version)

  • demon_death (22 frames) (included in FREE version)

*can be looped for longer duration spell, projectile sprite included

Have fun! :D

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsboss, Boss battle, fire, game-asset, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro, Slime, Sprites
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International


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Really love this boss, thank you so much for creating this. I'm creating this game called RogueKing, I just recently added your boss to my game, check it out if you are interested. I haven't added the other animations yet but I will!


Looking good so far! Keep it up, man. :)

Thank you so much!!! :,)

Dude solid work on the demon slime i love it

Thanks, man. 😁

no problem at all keep up the good work 👍✌️🤟


hello chierit, i have made a boss with your character as a prototype for my future video game, i hope you like it, i will send you a test video of the boss 

Looks great! I like how the boss fire spells affect the whole screen. :D

You would be perfect for a small game we're building!

Thanks! :D

hello thanks for making this, can i use it on my game?

Sure thing, man. :)


no problem! :D

i can use this asset under a license cc by 3.0?

Sure thing :)


Thank you.


Great work! Is the 4.0 appliccable on a commercial product or do I need a different kind of license?


Thanks. Yes, CC attribution/CC BY 4.0 can be used commercially and can be edited in any way for your purposes, it only needs credit to the creator. :)

Thank you so much

Deleted 2 years ago

Contact me on or discord: chierit#3881 for commission details. Thank you. :D

Deleted 2 years ago

Amazing stuff!

Thank you! :)

Really superb! Thank you!

Thanks! :D