Hi, so I said I wouldn't update any Elemental until I finish all 10 of them, but the ground monk basic attacks just screams for a redo. It is too outdated compared to the other Elementals' attacks. (This was my first Elemental though, I think I have grown as an animator and artist since then. :))

So here is the updated attack pattern:

The old attack pattern is still in the aseprite file though, if you want to use/reuse it. :)

Also some minor fixes:

 - added individual sprites (png files), requested by emredesu

 - removed drop shadow (shadow below feet)

 - sp atk: fixed overlapping effect in body, fixed inconsistent shadow in arm

 - transform: fixed shape of spheres during blast

 - e_idle: fixed stuttering in arm

Have fun! :)


Elementals_ground_monk_FREE_v1.2.zip 687 kB
Oct 27, 2021
Elementals_ground_monk_FULL_v1.2.zip 1 MB
Oct 27, 2021

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Thank you very much for adding the individual sprites! I love the new attack animations a lot too, awesome work ^_^

Thanks! :)

wow very nice update man thanks!

Thanks! Now he looks more like a real monk. :)

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You're just badass that's all I have to say. Just started to learn pixel art along with my game, seems like a long journey.

Thanks! You'll get there, eventually. One step at a time, man. 

I feel like I have a long way to go myself too, and I'm loving every minute of it. :)